Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Garden mailbox

 Do you guys remember way back in spring of 2020 when we were all home??  

I painted a mailbox that was destined for the trash.

(you can see all about it here)

Well, this weekend we finally put it out at the garden!  

I know it took a long time.  Truthfully it got put in my craft studio and forgotten about.  Also Nate had installed the post by the garden right away and then it had a little accident with the backhoe and had to be replaced.  Oops. :)

But, now here we are...

 I also keep gloves and a small spade in there.  It really is handy to have these few items so close.  

Plus, I just think it's cute!

What do you think?  Do you have any old projects your finishing??



Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Kitchen renovation update

 Hi Everyone!  

This kitchen might be the longest renovation we have ever done.  

There are always problems that come up, but it seems like everything we do in here turns into a huge addition.   

We replaced the countertops without to much problem.  We pulled the backsplash off and with it most of the drywall paper.  

That is getting covered with the new backsplash so it doesn't need much work.

We tore out the old pantry closet and found out it was framed all wrong.  So there was much more  repair than we anticipated.  

Luckily Nate is a drywall master.  He can literally fix anything.

We pulled up the ugly green floor to reveal even uglier green floor.  There was some water damage so the sub floor had to be replaced as well.  

Here we go:

We tore out the closet.

Revealed some of the ugly floor.

Tore out the rest of the floor and added the pantry cabinet (which still needs doors).  The boys don't like the green squares.

Toast is always on hand to help with demo!

You can see some of the water damage in this one.  

Here we are now.  You can also see the new countertops, sink and dishwasher in this picture. 

Nate is spackling now and after that I get to paint everything.  

We still have a ways to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Are you doing any renovations?  Have you run into unexpected problems?  I need to know I'm not alone. 😆



Thursday, January 6, 2022

Kitchen renovation

 Hello hello!!  Happy New Year!  

I know I've been MIA for quite a bit.  We've been working on a project.

The Kitchen!

It's really just a refresh.  We plan to switch up the whole house and make the living room into a big kitchen...someday.  

We have to save our pennies (and dollars) first.

For now we are updating our current kitchen to make it prettier and more functional!

This is where we started (please ignore the horrible pictures.  These are from the listing when we bought the house.  It was so ugly I never wanted pictures of it):

Everything was different shades of green and the appliances were so outdated they started to die almost immediately. 

This is what we had updated too as the appliances died:

Still ugly, but at least we could cook now.  Also, we added the cute dog :)

We knew when we started this remodel that it wasn't going to be our forever kitchen.  After we add the new kitchen I would love to turn this into a laundry room.  Our laundry is currently in the basement and that's never really nice.  

That being said, this started out as just new countertops and sink...

then we decided to change the floor so we can replace the dishwasher...

then we decided that the cabinets are just not our style at all, so new doors will be added and the boxes will be painted...

then we figured if we were changing the floor and the cabinets we should move the stove over so it's not against the wall anymore...

Now we have quite the project going on.  But it will be worth it.

This is where we're going:

We have been working on it for awhile now.  That's why I didn't post any Christmas pictures.  The whole house is somehow taken over with this.  So I didn't get much decorated.  

Since the holidays are over we are full steam ahead and hope to finish in the next month.  I'll keep you posted on updates soon! 

Do you have any projects you're working on in the new year?  I would love to see your new ideas!



Thursday, September 2, 2021

I'm ready

 I'm ready for Fall.  

There, I said it. 

The weather is nice and cool this morning.   

I want all the changing leaves and comfy sweaters.

I want all the pumpkin flavored everything.

I'm ready for it all.

I've been thinking about changing out my decor soon. I just have to get the bins out(and maybe buy a few new things)!

Here are a few inspiration pages to get us started:

Blesser House Blog - 12 simple and cheap fall decor ideas that look high end

Our Southern Home Blog- DIY Fall ideas

Thistlewood Farms Blog- free fall decorating ideas for the entry way

Home Stories A to Z Blog - Early fall decor preview in blush and burgundy

Decor to Adore Blog - an early fall mantel with found objects

Are you ready for fall?  or do you try to hold on to summer as long as possible?





Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Things I think I LOVE!!

 There are so many things I love.  Here is what I have bought lately and would absolutely recommend!  


1. Inflatable Hot Tub - you guys...Nate and I have talked about adding a hot tub when we do our porch add on.  So we figured we would try out an inexpensive option to see if it is truly something we would use before we spend thousands on the real deal.  We got this one about 2 weeks ago and have been in it every single day.  It's just big enough for 2 which is perfect for us.  It makes us even more excited for our future plans!

2. Candle warmer - I love lighting candles to make my house smell amazing...however I don't love leaving lit candles anywhere.  So I got this candle warmer.  It fits a large jar candle and makes the house smell so good all day long!

3. Chalkboard labels - We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel at the moment.  When we have our new pantry cabinet built I am going to put all my canisters together in there.  These labels make them easy to tell apart.  I hate pulling out the flour when I need sugar.  

4. Bathroom faucet - we have always been attracted to the waterfall style faucets.  When our bathroom faucet started to drip we decided to give this one a try.  I love the quality.  Just be warned it does say the brand name on the top.  Luckily this is just a temporary fix until we get to the full remodel.  But now we know we like this style.  So we'll probably stick with something similar.

5. Flour sack towels - I had 5 flour sack towels that I used until they were about falling apart.  So I just ordered this 12 pack and love them.  They dry really well and are a great size.  I use them in my homemade fry recipe.  Check it out here.  They are great for everything.  And I love that I now have enough to use them for all my kitchen needs.

What have you been loving lately??