Thursday, March 25, 2021

Dining room reveal!!

 Happy spring guys!!!  Can you believe Easter is right around the corner??  I am so ready for it.   I've been slowly working through the house changing it up for spring.

So I thought this would be a good time to reveal my finished dining room! 

It was a long journey with lots of hard work (on Nate's end.  All I did was paint and decorate 😎) but it's finally finished!

Check it out:


I still want to hang a few things on the walls but I'm not sure what yet.  So that will have to wait. 

What do you guys think??  I am so happy to have it usable again!  

Now it's onto the kitchen.  I have been removing wallpaper all week...



Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dining Room progress

 Hey guys!  How is everyone's new year going?  I'm getting back in the swing of things after the Christmas break.  

I love having off for the holidays but I never get as much done as I would like to.  

For example...the dining room.  We really had good intentions to have it ready to go so when our table gets delivered it will be ready.  But, life got in the way.  

Here  it is before new paint with the floor sanded.  Toast always likes to help.  As long as there is sun to lay in ;)

It worked out that we didn't get as far as we planned because our table has been delayed again.  We now expect it by the end of the month.  I hope it actually shows up this time.   

Nate is a rockstar and finished the floors.  They look amazing!  I painted and now we are still working on finishing the molding, building the cabinet I bought for in here.  Then we need to hang the curtains and decorate.

I really hope we have it finished by the end of January.  We'll see!

For now we have the floor refinished, the walls painted, and the grandfather clock got moved in and fixed so that is ticking away.  

This is what it looks like now:

(I'm building the cabinet I bought for here.  It's coming along nicely!)

I am very happy with how it is going to turn out!  I just can't wait to see it finished.

What do you think so far??  Do your projects ever get done on time?  I could definitely use some tips.



Monday, January 4, 2021

Things I Think I LOVE

 Happy New Year!!!  Have you made your resolutions?  Hopefully we can all stick to them this year!  

Today I am sharing things that have been on my mind(or in my shopping cart) lately.  Here are a few things that I'm pretty sure I love :)

1. Leggings - These are so soft!  They are a bit on the thin side but with a tunic top - like this one - They are perfect for staying home and staying comfy!  

 2. Central Vacuum covers - as you know, we have been working on a dining room renovation.  The central vac outlet in this room has never worked and was old and ugly.  I ordered these replacement covers and now I want them for the whole house!  So much better!

3. The one and only Ivan - My niece recommended this book for me.  I haven't started it yet, but it is next on my list!  

4. Cabinet - I ordered this cabinet for dining room storage.  I haven't put it together yet.  I will let you know my final thoughts on it when I post the dining room reveal!  I did order these knobs to replace the ones that come with it.  

What are you loving so far in 2021??



Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Dining room plans

 Hey everybody!  I know now is not the ideal time of year to be remodeling the dining room...

but we are anyway!  

Truthfully, it's been in the works for quite some time now.  

It all started about 3 years ago when the chandelier fell off the ceiling.

No big deal,  it came with the house and was not our style at all.  So we replaced it with 2 lights and added recessed LED's.  Much better!  But then we stopped.

About a year ago we decided it was time to start again.  So we pulled all the molding off and were going to refinish the floor.  But then we stopped. 

Do you see a pattern here?

This time we really are going to finish it!  The holidays just got in the way a little bit.  We are going to finish it soon though!  I promise!

We ordered a new dining set so it has to get done!

I don't have a good before picture.  I found these from when we bought the house:

I think the first thing Nate did when we moved in was to pull out those saloon doors.  Haha.  I definitely don't miss them!

We refinished the floor and I painted the walls and ceiling.  So we have to finish the molding and hang the curtains and get the furniture in here.  Then it will be done!

Here is what I have planned:

I think it's going to come out pretty much like the picture.  I'll show you everything when it's all done!  

Are you doing any remodeling this year??



Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas Decor

Happy Tuesday everybody!  I can't believe we are only 10 days away from Christmas.  This year has been super slow but flew by at the same time.  How is that possible? 

Anyway,  today I'm sharing my Christmas mantel.  I didn't go too crazy this year.  I wasn't feeling it.  I love the more simple style.  It feels calm to me.  Which is always a good thing.  

I also only did a small amount outside. 

As you can see I didn't bother to move my pumpkins before I started to decorate with Christmas stuff.  

I have since gotten rid of my pumpkins (and the dead mums).  The chickens loved them!  I also saved seeds because in the spring Nate is going to expand our garden so I can plant a pumpkin patch!  I'm pretty excited about that!

I hope you all have a great holiday season!  I should be back soon to share our dining room plans and hopefully the finished room shortly after that!